Chris Cheveyo & Polite Society

Chris Cheveyo & Polite Society

Chris Cheveyo and Polite Society LIVE AT THE MONKEY HOUSE

Doors: 7pm
Music: 7:30pm

That’s right folks, it’s the elusive TWO BAND SHOW at the Monkey. Hate seeing three bands in one night? Me too. So come on down and see the epic return of my long lost love Raymond Lawford McCoy IV play bass for the one and only Chris Cheveyo!

Chris Cheveyo

“Cheveyo taps into classic Marc Bolan/George Harrison-esque songwriterly traits with neatly submerged hooks and luscious guitar and keyboard tones geared to make you hit REPEAT on your playing device”
-The Stranger

Polite Society

“Unknown wanderings of sonic adventurers exploring the depths of vibrational medicine and it’s effects on the energy body matrix. Does that sound too pretentious? Fuck it, I’m putting that on the event page.”
-Steve Sharp, part time band member