Ugly Sun

Ugly Sun

Doors: 8:00PM Show: 8:30PM  – 21+ $3  / 18+ $8


With the July 2016 release of their debut EP, Ugly Sun from Buffalo, NY has bridged the gap between garage rock and emotive indie. The trio’s name succinctly explains the bands general beliefs in rock and roll. “Rock and Roll has become so shiny” explains front man/bassist John Crook. “It used to be about the underbelly, the dark parts of society, the dirty parts” he continues, “we want to make Rock and Roll ugly again”.

Although they wax poetic about the rough edges of Rock, they unknowingly have captured some of it’s cinematic beauty in the “Cherokee EP”, their inaugural release. Big rambling songs like the records opener “Mock Me Out” and “Open Again” feature a undercurrent of beauty and sadness while sticking to their Punk Rock credo. Rollicking songs like “Stuck In Your Head” and title track “Cherokee” reminds the listener of the point the band is trying to make.

“These songs are what made us get off the couch” guitarist Trey Hollowood recalls. He is referring to the five year hiatus each member took from music. All three have an extensive tour history as well as numerous past projects that they all tabled for other pursuits. “We felt like music wasn’t giving us what we needed at that point but these songs reminded us of why we did it for so long” Crook says. The trio is back with a vengeance following their release with an intensive regional touring schedule.

“We look forward to getting back on the road and making records, that has definitely been a missing piece” drummer Harrison Crook says. Crook spent the better part of the past five years studying songwriting at the Berklee college of music in Boston, MA. He ended up leaving the school citing too much artistic restriction. “He’s definitely the bands pop sensibility” jokes his brother John “he reigns us in a lot”.

Ugly Sun has definitely taken 2016 by the scruff of the neck. The band has two singles scheduled for release in the later part of the year and they enter the studio in December to begin work on their sophomore effort. “We have been writing pretty aggressively this entire year and we’re really excited to get in the studio and make another record, we have a lot to say” says Hollowood. The band is not slowing down any time soon either. “We’ve had five years to think about this project, so now we’re ready to show the world what we’ve been up to” says John Crook. I am not alone in saying “I can’t wait”.